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iMuscle™ Europro Whey Protein Isolate - IMuscle
iMuscle™ Europro Whey Protein is great before or after exercise, between meals, with a meal, or any time of day where you need extra protein in your nutrition.

  • iMuscle™ Europro is a scientifically advanced blend of micro-filtered, ultra-pure whey.
  • Each Whey Protein Isolate is digested and absorbed at a different rate, allowing your body to utilize these high-quality protein substrates over an extended period of time. 
  • HelpsMaintain and build muscle and Aid Fat-loss.
  • Engineered advanced nutrient absorption and assimilation matrix.
  • Boosts glutathione production, which acts as a body detox.
  • Made using European Protein and is Natural stevia-sweetened & Grass-fed sourced.

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Ultra powered WHEY, STRAIGHT FROM THE grassland TO your  shaker.

After you work out hard you push your body to the limits. So it’sonly reasonable to deliver it the supreme best in return. iMuscle whey protein isolate contains the idealized formula for your muscles. Impeccably rich when blended with water, milk, or your Favourite milk alternative. 
Truly? It’s just damn great.

  • Ideal for strength and endurance athletes.

  • The perfect protein source for your day and post-workout.

  • Supports muscle development

More reason to choose imuscle

Made possible because we source our whey protein from grass-fed milk. The cows graze 328 days a year in the open air. Whey Protein by iMuscle uses Premium-quality milk from predominantly grass-fed cows living in wide fields as a raw material base. Not only is this grazing technique good for the well-being of the cow, it also plays a role in enriching the quality of the milk. Compared to milk from cows kept in stables, milk from grass-fed cows contains more linoleic acid and also a higher proportion of omega-3 fatty acids. Thanks to this Technique & our researchers, we are able to RND and develop this Whey Protein Blend that will let you, BREAK YOUR GENETIC LIMITS.

Same Boring flavors? 

Having Hard time drinking and then digesting it?

Not in your shaker. 

We Have Sourced our Ingredients from only the top-notch suppliers such as Bensdrop, The leader in Pure Dutch Chocolate. For this reason we can proudly say that our whey blend is the best tasting whey protein you will ever have. Period.

The good kind of sweet

The Stevia plant offers the opportunity to create a highly valuable sweetener, the steviol glycosides, that offer more than just a sweet taste. Steviol glycosides are purified extracts of the stevia plant. They make it possible to avoid unnecessary carbs and do not effect the calorie count. This makes steviol glycosides far superior to traditional industrially-produced sugar.

level up your arsenal

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