iMUSCLE™ HMB Supplement – IMuscle

iMUSCLE™ HMB Supplement

iMUSCLE™ HMB Supplement - IMuscle

iMUSCLE™ HMB Supplement

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iMUSCLE™ HMB Supplement is a top quality supplement containing beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate (HMB), a substance with precious properties, especially for athletes. There are also scientific speculations indicating beneficial effects of HMB Supplement on repair processes that occur due to mechanical damage to tissues or micro-injuries caused by strength training. 

  • iMUSCLE™ HMB's most important feature is its ability to promote cell division in muscle tissue, which affects its growth.
  • HMB Supplement can accelerate this process and reduce pain resulting from damage. Significantly reduces muscle catabolism.
  • iMUSCLE™ HMB can reduce post-workout soreness. The studies demonstrated a significant influence of HMB on metabolism speed and energy management. 
  • Our IMUSCLE™ HMB Increases muscle proteins biosynthesis, Modulates insulin response, Supports muscle anabolism & Improves body shape