Women are becoming more health-conscious alongside men. The number of gym-going women is increasing day-by-day. We can even see more female fitness models are doing great in their business. Whey protein has become popular among fitness-conscious women today.

However, there was a myth when many people used to think that women shouldn’t consume whey protein ‘cos this will make a woman as bigger as a man physically. This myth has been debunked later time. Now women can take whey protein as much they want. So, what is the best whey protein for women? Her Whey Protein Isolate from iMuscle can be an optimal option.

We all know that proteins play a very crucial role in terms of building muscle tissues, enzymes, hormones, and skin. Whey protein should be there in anyone’s diet plan who is physically very active or hitting the gym pretty regularly. The foremost reason to keep protein in our diet is, our body can’t produce by itself. Diet is the only way to consume the desired amount of protein.

We all need protein as one of the most important macronutrients that help to build and regenerate tissues from skeletal muscles, bones, hairs, skins, nails, and even blood. Other than carbohydrates and fats, proteins play a very important role in the process of growth of the human body. Our body doesn’t produce or store protein and therefore It’s necessary to replenish protein from the food daily.

 Is it always possible to consume protein from daily food? Sometimes it’s not. There can be many reasons behind that. According to Health Canada, one should take at least one gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight just to lead a healthy lifestyle. The protein requirements are as higher as 2 grams per kg of body weight for those who are actively working out in the gym.

In that case, we need to eat a lot of protein therefore, a lot of foods are required. Sometimes it’s pretty much boring as well as quite hard to eat such a large amount of food. That’s where protein supplements or protein powders play an important role. A single scoop of protein powder can cover up a minimum of 20 grams of protein and it’s as convenient as drinking a glass of water! All you have to do is mixing it well with the water or milk and your whey protein shake is ready!

Traditionally protein supplements used to be for men. Women do not use it with fear they might put on unwanted muscle mass like men do which was untrue. Women’s bodies do not produce testosterone like men’s bodies do. Women will never gain an equal amount of muscle mass as men so nothing to worry about it. On the other hand, whey protein can boost metabolism that also helps in the fat loss process. Overall, whey protein powder has tons of benefits in the human body whether it’s male or female.


There are many whey protein products available that say this product is specialized only for men or women. But the truth is, there are no such things as whey protein for males or females. Almost all the whey protein products are the same in terms of nutritional value and ingredients. However, iMuscle Her Whey is especially engineered for women energy, it is developed with advanced nutrition matrix formulation that might be helpful for the female body.


Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss: Whey protein is the source of essential amino acids that speed up our metabolism. A higher metabolism means faster fat loss. So, whey protein powder for weight loss will always be a great ideal.

Achieve Desired Physique: Optimal protein intake can keep a woman super active and fit. Protein also helps to maintain ideal muscle mass. 

Helps to Regenerate and Recover: Our muscle tissue faces intense break down right after a good workout session. Broken muscle tissues need proper nutrition to regenerate and recover. Protein plays the most important part of this process. Essential amino acids and BCAA from whey protein promoted faster recovery and great muscle growth.

For Greater Immune System and Body Growth: Besides muscle recovery, protein promotes a stronger immune system, repair hair tissues, bone tissues, blood cells, nails, and hormone growth. Proteins are considered as the Building blocks of the human body for a reason.


According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the US National Academy, an average human being should take at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. An active human who goes to the gym or an athlete should consume around 1-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. It’s applicable for both male and female.

Finally, if you are a fitness-freak woman living in Canada and asking yourself the same confusing question ‘’whether there is any whey protein near me or not?” well, iMuscle was always there for you. iMuscle brings you the best whey protein for women, the best whey protein concentrate, the best whey protein isolate, or any other food supplements that might help you to achieve your goal.


So, what are you waiting for?

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